Update as of March 2022 - I have now achieved AWS SA Associate, AWS SA Professional and AWS Security Speciality certifications. My experience has so far been that all three associate qualifications combined effectively produce one SA Pro, and the move from SA pro into the specialty certifications is not large, and geenrally involves going only a little deeper.

The exam with the highest bar (so far) has been the AWS DevOps Pro certification.

As part of my new role @ AWS, I (unsurprisingly) need to get a bit more certified on paper than a simple “Don’t worry mate, I’ve been doing this for years..” so for the first year of my new role, I will have a heavy focus on learning, and part of that will be my certifications.

The first one I will go for is the AWS SA Associate exam, which by all accouts should be pretty easy - I did a practice exam and passed, so I’m pretty confident that all should be well. Overkill being the underrated thing that it is though, I thought I should do some more formal study for the exam (as i’m going to have to start getting used to doing that!).

As part of that, I watched the 14 hours of acloud.guru preperation talks for the AWS SA associate exam. There wasn’t anything really surprising in there, although AWS HA and AWS S3 were both areas where my knowledge was pretty weak by the looks of it.

Below are my notes that I wrote out while watching these turorials. Forgive my aweful handwriting.

Notes Page1 Notes Page2 Notes Page3 Notes Page4 Notes Page5 Notes Page6 Notes Page7 Notes Page8 Notes Page9 Notes Page10 Notes Page11 Notes Page12 Notes Page13 Notes Page14 Notes Page15 Notes Page16 Notes Page17 Notes Page18 Notes Page19 Notes Page20 Notes Page21 Notes Page22 Notes Page23 Notes Page24 Notes Page25 Notes Page26 Notes Page27 Notes Page28